Biomedical/Clinical Applications

The Cellular/Biological/Clinical application Subgroup works mainly on development of novel microfluidic/biomems devices/setup for cellular and biological studies and clinical applications including rare cancer cell separation/on-chip detection/in-situ culture/purification, molecular/genetic analysis and drug screening. The members consist of Yaoping Liu (leader), Tingyu Li, Wenbo Zhou, Han Xu, Tianfeng Zheng, Tingting Hun and Xinyue Deng. By now, they have achieved:

1.Preparation of large-scale 2.5D Parylene C membranes containing size-controllable micropore arrays with ultra-high porosity. They have demonstrated its promising utility in high-yield protein/cell patterning and high-throughput liquid biopsy of cancer cell separation/detection/culture from clinical sample for early cancer diagnostics and drug screening.

2.Modified PDMS (Parylene C caulked PDMS, pcPDMS) for low-permeability of small molecules and anti-fouling of protein application.

3.Microfluidic chips for high-throughput cell pairing/fusion.